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Emu Gully History

Emu Gully Adventure Education Group Inc. was founded in 1995 and is a non-profit Incorporated Association. It's director Barry Rodgers (pictured right), is an experienced educator who has taught in both state and private schools. He was the founding Principal of Hillcrest Christian College, a large inter-denominational college in Victoria. Barry has served in the Australian Defence Force, and has wide knowledge and passion for Australia's military history.

From humble beginnings, Emu Gully now employs over 30 staff including directors, management, facilitators, catering and maintenance personnel and caters for approximately 15,000 participants each year across 3 campuses (Helidon Standard - cabins, Helidon Adventure Camping - tents, and our Pindari Campus in NSW) with all programs focused on the character values of Courage, Mateship, Perseverance and Sacrifice.

The Helidon campus was established in 1995 and Pindari in 2002.

Our Helidon Standard Campus is set on approximately 180 acres, and is situated 17km east of Toowoomba. It is very well developed with air conditioned dormitory style accommodation for 170 guests. All groups are fully catered for out of our large modern kitchen and use one of our 3 dining areas.

The activities at Helidon are purpose built for developing teamwork and leadership qualities and are typically based around epic historical events.The Helidon program is seen by many as an essential element of their curriculum, often being used by schools specifically to select, and  empower their leadership teams.

We have duplicated our low ropes and core activities  to enable us to more effectively deliver programs and cater for the individual needs of each group. Twisters and Skirmish are offered as optional extras at our Helidon Campus.

The Emu Gully Adventure Camping Program is a unique alternative to our standard program that has been developed to meet a growing need and demand for character based learning outcomes in this current generation. 

Participants are provided with a personal two man tent and mess kit which they are able to take home with them at the end of the program. Meals are army style ration packs which are prepared by participants.

Twister buggies are included at no extra charge for our Adventure Camping program.


Pindari Campus - Our Pindari campus is a 2500 acre property situated in northern NSW, approximately 22km east of Ashford, bordering the Pindari dam. 

The Pindari campus has a wilderness theme and caters for approximately 150 participants sleeping in deluxe swags. It utilises outdoor showers with rudimentary water heating and long drop toilets. Meals are prepared by the campers in well equipped dining shelters and cooked over open fireplaces. The onsite classroom is also used as a central meeting point, teaching centre and for night time activities.

The activities at Pindari campus utilise the wilderness environment and range from GPS navigation and bush walking, to the "Buttress" (a large rock scramble with magnificent views), as well as twister buggies and motor boats.

The Pindari program should be seen as a fantastic opportunity for participants to have a reflective look at themselves as well as provide a very unique opportunity to develop relationships within the group.


Emu Gully Adventure Education Group Inc

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