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Character Theme

Our philosophy at Emu Gully is that your success in life, whether personally or corporately, will be based primarily on your character. That is; "The real you" and the way you handle the circumstances of life, whether they be good or bad.

The development of one's character is measured in the way we handle pressure and difficult circumstances. At Emu Gully, we choose to focus on the core character values displayed in times of tremendous hardship on the world stage. The character values taught, promoted and reflected upon at Emu Gully include Courage, Mateship, Perseverance and Sacrifice.

The majority of our activities at Emu Gully are  framed to provide a simple historical context of epic events such as The Western Front, the Siege of Tobruk, The Tunnel Rats of Vietnam, The Bridge over the River Kwai and the Kokoda Track. Each activity confronts participants with the choice to demonstrate and reflect on the character values needed to succeed in the activity, and more importantly in life.

It should be noted, that at Emu Gully we do not promote war. However, one can not ignore the impact that war has had on the development of our nation. It has been stated that "nothing has shaped our culture more than war". Banjo Patterson put it this way;

"The mettle that a race can show,
Is proved with shot and steel,
And now we know what nations know,
And feel what nations feel".

At Emu Gully we understand the significance of history and its impact on future generations. Our unique approach provides a hands on history lesson that promotes the ideals and character values that are at the very core of our national identity.  

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