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Helidon Campus - Programs

Sample One Day Program:      DOWNLOAD PDF

Sample Two Day Program:      DOWNLOAD PDF

Sample Three Day Program:  DOWNLOAD PDF

Sample Four Day Program:   DOWNLOAD PDF

Sample Five Day Program:      DOWNLOAD PDF

Generic 3 day program:          DOWNLOAD PDF

Please note:

  • The above programs are examples only.
  • Each program is tailored by Emu Gully staff to meet the individual needs of the group.
  • Factors affecting the selection and sequencing of activities include: Group size, specific group goals & / or needs, group size, the number of groups on site and other unforeseen time constraints.
  • The sample generic program provides a basic description of the type of activities and the intended purpose of each

Elective Activities: If your group has selected both electives, due to time constraints, staffing and the desire to maximise learning outcomes for every group, the following conditions apply:

  • For groups above 70 in total, participants will need to select either Twisters or Skirmish (must be 15 years for Skirmish)
  • The maximum number for skirmish in any given 3 day camp is 70 across 2 games (approximately 35 per game).
  • Groups choosing to do electives should inform the office of approximate numbers for each elective when confirming booking arrangements.
  • Variations to these parameters will only be considered in discussion with and at the discretion of Emu Gully Management.

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Please Note: Office hours are 8.30am to 4.00pm Monday to Friday. The office is not attended on weekends. Messages left out of hours will be attended to at our earliest convenience.