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Helidon Campus Accommodation

Helidon standard program Accommodation Plan  DOWNLOAD PDF

Our Helidon Standard Program (cabins) has a total of 252 beds spread across 17 dormitories and also 2 permanently erected canvas tunnel tents with an additional 26 beds if overflow accommodation is required. The size of the dormitories ranges from small rooms catering for 4 people to larger dorms catering for up to 18 people. Each cabin has bunks whilst each tent can accommodate 13 participants in single beds. Cabins have a reverse-cycle air conditioner to ensure a comfortable night's sleep. Our cabins will always be prioritised when allocating beds for participants, with any overflow then allocated to our tunnel tents.

All campers are required to bring their own sleeping gear, such as pillows and sleeping bags, to suit a single bunk bed. It is recommended you bring a fitted sheet to put over your mattress.

As it is common for multiple groups to be on site at any given time, Dormitory and tunnel tent allocations are determined by Emu Gully and are influenced by factors including:

  • The number of groups,
  • The male and female breakdown within those groups
  • Other special requirements (for example wheelchair access).

Please note: Group numbers should be indicated on the initial booking form and the final numbers, including the breakdown of males and females, should be confirmed no later than two weeks prior to the camp.

Alternative Arrangements:

In the event of having an overflow of campers across the groups on-site in the cabins, Emu Gully offers two additional alternatives:

  • We have two army style tunnel tents set up beside the cabins which can accommodate 13 campers per tent. The tunnel tents have single beds and require only your usual camp bedding
  • Groups may prefer to bring their own tents and mattresses for any campers who do not fit in the cabins. There will be a $4 price reduction per camper per night for participants who sleep in tents.

Bus Drivers at Emu Gully during Day visits and Camps

Our policy is that Bus Drivers will not be accommodated on site during day visits and camps, unless prior arrangements to the contrary have been made with our CEO. The reasons for this are detailed in the following document, along with alternative suggestions for accommodation. We request that you familiarise yourself with this policy before making any arrangements with your bus company of choice. 

Bus Driver Accommodation Policy


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