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Adventure Camping - Getting Here

Once on site, the Adventure Camping grounds are located at the far end of the driveway, past the Big Shed and hangars. There is sufficient room at the site for large buses to turn around.

Helidon Directions - Mud Map    Download PDF



 Nexus has advised access to Emu Gully will change from Monday 20th August, 2018 until at least November.

 Warrego Hwy – coming from Toowoomba

 Right Turn into Twidales Road will be unavailable. Cars and Light Vehicles can U-Turn at Kelly’s Road (1.4 km towards Brisbane), but Buses and Heavy Vehicles will need to use the Roundabout accessed via the Helidon exit (4.4km towards Brisbane). Returning to Toowoomba – Left turn from Twidales Road onto the Warrego Hwy will be available.

 Warrego Hwy – coming from Brisbane

 Left Turn into Twidales Road will be available. Returning to Brisbane – Right Turn onto the Warrego Hwy will be unavailable. All vehicles including buses will be able to U-Turn at a temporary U-Turn facility 600m west of the Twidales Road intersection (left turn onto the Warrego Hwy).

 Nexus has provided information (below) including a link to a document (Notification Update) which includes updated maps.


Construction update

Warrego Highway - Helidon Spa

Good afternoon,
Nexus would like to advise of upcoming changes to the Warrego Highway, Postmans Ridge and Twidales Road intersection at Helidon Spa. Please refer to the following link for detailed information.

Notification update: Warrego Highway east, Helidon Spa

If you could please share this through your networks that would be greatly appreciated.
Please continue to check our website www.nexustsrc.com.au for the most up-to-date information.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact the Community Relations team on 1800 198 878.
Tegan Plant
Community Relations Team
Toowoomba Second Range Crossing



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